10 September 2013

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By raise of hands, how many of you started out your day by making cinnamon rolls whilst (you like that? whilst? yeah...) listening to a podcast about collectivist sudo-matriarchal polyamorous societies in hunter-gatherer evolution?

This gal!

The best part about morning now that I've cut all my hair off is that when I wake up I look like this:
Part Wolverine, part lion. Rawr!

Today is not just make-delicious-food day, it's also housecleaning day. Housecleaning day basically involves me wandering around with a grocery sack and a broom, loudly muttering How did this get on the floor? I'm only one person, why is this place always such a mess? I've got to find a better spot for this. Why does my kitchen have white tile--nobody can keep white tile looking clean. with various goddammits and ow!s.

But when today's to-do list includes such things as sharpen chisel and price check leather and find glass paint and date all canned goods, you can see why regular old housecleaning is a nice thing too.

This is what my table looks like right now. I never said my life was glamorous, but if I had this would disprove it.

A few things I'm glad about today:
-I'm glad that I haven't refinished my table yet, so that I can use it as a cutting board.
-I'm glad I'm single and live alone so that nobody else is around to have to put up with me when I
  refuse to bathe until I'm about to leave the apartment.
-Similarly, I'm glad that I can belt out 'Bad Company' in the wrong key as loud as I'd like without repercussion.
          I was born, sixgun in my hand
          Behind a gun I make my final stand
          It's why they call me bad company
          And I can't deny bad company 
          Until the day I die

Here's some of the music I've been listening to lately:

Cake - 'Italian Leather Sofa'

We can blame this song on a friend of mine, who listens to this cd endlessly in the car and forced me to accidentally memorize the lyrics. Now we can sing it together and add harmonies and all that jazz, but still... blame this one on him.

Bob Seger - 'Turn the Page'

The Beatles - 'Twist and Shout'

I can never listen to this song without being completely in awe of John Lennon's voice. That kind of passion, where you can hear how raw and stripped his vocal cords are but he keeps on singing anyway, is why people invented rock and roll.


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