04 March 2013

the random turns political

What did you do this weekend?

I worked 27 hours in two days, which included over two hours of floor scrubbing, driving a commercial van with failing breaks through rush hour traffic downtown, boiling my fingerprints off, and getting completely covered in dishwater. I don't really mind being covered in dishwater, especially when I'm being paid overtime for it, but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind for my evening when I woke up on Saturday.

[I blew the dishwashing socks off some sad college dude who thinks he's worth more than minimum wage for minimum work. Boo-yah.]

And then this morning I gave some frat boy the university-sized version of my anarchy speech: Voting in school elections would be school spirit. Participation is endorsement. I really don't care where my student fees are going because I somehow conned the state into paying for 75% of my unnecessary diploma-seeking.

I do vote in real elections, because last year the government siphoned 16% of my income out of my paycheck, mostly into a social security system that'll be long bankrupt before I have the chance to get it back, and so far this year they're edging up on 19%. You know what I could do with that extra $50-$100 a paycheck? Afford health insurance, that's what. Probably with vision and dental. Take that, Democrats. And birth control. Take that, Republicans. And a cat. Take that, people who enjoy the loneliness of others.

I am anti-social security, because I am pro-insurance and birth control and pet ownership.

So there.


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