13 March 2013


It started at about six this morning. The cooing. The pigeons.

I hate pigeons.

I'm not super enthusiastic about birds in general, but other types aren't so bad. Chirping is annoying, but easy to tone out. Honking geese are actually pretty cool to see flying around, with their giant wings flapping. Crows are creepy, but harmless.

Not so pigeons.

It's the eyes. They're terrifying. And the cooing.

Coo. Coo. Coo.

There's a reason the passenger pigeons went extinct. They cooed early in the morning, and tired people everywhere threw things out their windows and killed them to shut them up.

I really just wanted to sleep this morning. I have a bazillionty bruises from yesterday's adventure, and sore muscles, and the endorphins that make you want to keep living and doing crazy things wear off once you go to sleep.

But the pigeons. There is only one solution: heavy metal. Really loud heavy metal.

Yes, at six in the morning. My walls are thick, the neighbors can't hear anything.

So I turned the music up really loud and was able to get another hour and a half of sleep.

Take that, you stupid birds. Civilization 1, Pigeons 0.

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