25 February 2013




Yeah, the apple and I had a pretty rad party. You should've been there.


"You don't make a pot of Kool Aid."
"Well, I did."


22 February 2013

YOLO, biatches.

^ I did just go there. You're welcome.


I've been up all night and I'll be working a twelve-hour shift today, so . . . yeah.


Credit goes to Mr. JJ of QC
Because I've been writing the world's most boring paper on the world's most boring subject for the world's most boring class. When it's finished it's going to be 1300-1400 words about Economic Interdependence: Other Factors That May Influence International Conflict

"Domestic economics are tied to domestic politics, as who trades with whom is often tied to political constituencies (p. 375), and the economic and political policies that those constituencies have a hand in creating in turn create the military policies of the state."

I wrote that. Yes I did. Gag.

I should have written it last week. Or Tuesday. But, dammit, Tuesday is my day off and I really really hate to do homework on my day off. So I don't. I sit around after school and soak my abused feet and revel in my bible collection and watch episodes of The L Word or Game of Thrones and read all the memes on the internet. I do dishes and laundry too, sometimes. And I watch it get dark outside. It's been really quite rare for me in the past nine months to be able to watch it get dark outside. Like I'm going to spoil all that by annotating an article titled "The Achilles’ Heel of Liberal IR Theory? Globalization and Conflict in the Pre-World War I Era"? Yeah, no.

But I am young and made of elastic that is impervious to drowsiness (that's a lie, but whatever), and so I stay up all night to write things instead. Because I'm an adult, and I do what I want.

(That's the thing I said to myself when I decided to try to cook bacon naked once at two in the morning. It was a bad idea.)

Actually it's because simply showing up to class has become an achievement for me recently. The only class I have a perfect attendance record in this semester is Ethics. After spending the first three years of college maybe missing four classes total--maybe--the only class I can consistently drag myself out of my nice warm fuzzy socks to walk uphill for a mile in the snow to school for is ethics. When ethics is your most interesting class, you have a really crappy school schedule.

And I actually take the bus to school when it's snowing, but that didn't seem to have the same gravitas. 

Other than that, life is nice. I eat too much canned ravioli and canned pears and oatmeal (in bizarre combinations, DO NOT ASK) because I keep forgetting that variety in diet is an important concept, but I recently introduced a 5lb bag of carrots to my fridge so it's all good.


P.S. I had to fight against the urge to write "TL;DR" instead of "In summation" at the beginning of my conclusion to my paper. God, what is wrong with me?

Reddit. Reddit is what is wrong with me. Damn Reddit.

04 February 2013



What did you do with your Monday morning? I studied for a Hebrew exam and sauteed apples and potatoes and onions with chicken. I got distracted with different forms of gendered construction in future tense while cooking the chicken so it turned out a little on the dry side, but everything was still delicious. 
^ these are all really the same word.

I've got future tense down. I just hope this exam doesn't ask about past tense. I'm very bad at past tense. And everyone telling me it's easier than future isn't helping any either. So as long as the exam is about future tense, wintertime, and clothing I'm all set. She said chapter seven. I'm gonna hold her to it.

So, yeah, that was my morning. That and wondering if singing along to 'Fat Bottomed Girls' at the top of my voice will help keep me from going insane.