20 December 2012

wednesday? music

It's been a really long time since I made a music post.

And I realize it's not Wednesday anymore, but I'm in denial. It's not Thursday. It's not.

BTW, 'The Hobbit'? Awesome. So awesome.

Is everyone ready for the end of the world? Could happen. I took tomorrow night off work just in case (so it's really because I'm going to a Christmas party, but it's more fun to say that I took it off in case the world ends). But I work open to close on Saturday, so I'm almost hoping the world does end because 13.5-hour shifts . . . not so awesome.


Imagine Dragons - 'Radioactive'

I can't get over how awesome this song is. I don't usually really like Imagine Dragons, but this song I can get behind.

Madonna - 'Material Girl'

Why? Because, that's why.

Bruce Springsteen - 'Shackled and Drawn'


You know what's stupid? Winter.

You know what else is stupid? Everyone I went to Joyschool with is either married, or will be within the week. That's stupid. People getting married is stupid.

Also stupid? The internet.

And this:

Decaf instant coffee. What's wrong with people?

You know what's not stupid? Hugs. I really like hugs. Hugs are nice.


This isn't a song:

But it's funny.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Californication'



01 December 2012

The Official End to No-Blog November

I have a white grey fleece jacket.

I don't know who decided that designing a white jacket would be a good idea--seriously, it's insane. Impossible to keep clean. It's about as practical as hot pink camouflage.

Last week my mother saw my jacket, and exclaimed at its apparent filthiness. "What is that on the back?" she asked. "It looks ridiculous to walk around with coffee stains on the back of your jacket."

"I think that's mud, actually," I said. "The coffee stain was on the front, and it came mostly out with a paper towel."

She rolled her eyes and told me to wash it, whatever it was.

Guess what, Mom? 

I still haven't.