10 October 2012

I Hate Hipsters

After yesterday's incredibly nerdy post, I'm going to be slightly shallow today.

Do you know what I hate? I hate hipsters.

The reasons why are nearly endless.

  • Dorky hair.
  • Skinny jeans (and, heaven forbid, jeggings).
  • The stupid mustache meme. God knows I love a good mustache, but how the hell does sticking them on everything make it 'ironic'?
  • The overuse of the term 'ironic'. Get a dictionary, you fools, and learn what the word means.
  • Too busy not-conforming to realize that setting out to be a non-conformist is exactly the same as conforming.
  • The name-dropping of bands no one has ever heard of (being underground usually just means most people have the good sense not to listen to them).
  • Endless narcissism.
  • The fact that the social movement exists proves that it's failing. Now THAT'S ironic.
So, a message to all the hipsters out there:
Stop living off of mom and dad, get a real job, and realize that in the real world you will have to wear real shoes.
Thank you.

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