29 August 2012

i can't even breathe i'm laughing so hard--but i'm serious

I should be asleep right now, but first I have to share.

My new life goal:

xkcd - Sketchiness

To eventually say every single one of these to my person. With follow-through.

"Hey honey, the kids are all asleep--wanna come back to my sex crate?"

Oh, yeah. This (as yet undetermined) person is going to be very lucky. Because, honestly, who doesn't secretly want to have sex in a ravine?

Too honest? Too honest.



11 August 2012

and there is a ticket now

The idiot-box (Fox News . . . ug, Fox News . . . why am I watching Fox News? That's right, because MSNBC has been eaten alive by Olympics coverage. Ug, Fox News.) tells me that an "anonymous" Republican high-up has confirmed Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate. Official announcement to come tomorrow morning.

If I had been going to guess, that's who my guess would have been.

Interesting. Let the games begin.

08 August 2012

Music Wednesday

Creedence Clearwater Revival - 'Long As I Can See the Light'

Put a candle in the window
'Cause I feel I've got to move
Though I'm going, going
I'll be coming home soon
'Long as I can see the light.

VAST - 'Thrown Away'

David Rovics - 'Resistance'

Yes, this little libertarian has a huge social justice streak running through her. Which is why I'm perfectly okay with co-opting songs from Marxist commies to make a point.

I saw David Rovics live last December at an Occupy SLC event. He's a very personable fellow. And so we get another song from him! A funny one this time!

David Rovics - 'I'm a Better Anarchist than You'

I also strongly recommend his songs 'Who Would Jesus Bomb?' and 'Occupy Wall Street'.

The Shins - 'Young Pilgrims'

Inspiring song of the day:
AWOLNATION - 'Kill Your Heroes'

I say you kill your heroes and
Fly, fly, baby don't cry
No need to worry 'cause
Everybody will die
Every day we just
Go, go, baby don't go
Don't you worry
We love you more than you know

Love always,