08 July 2012


Yes, I've been really quiet lately.

It's because I've been having so many thoughts.

I'll think of something, and just when I realize how interesting it is, I'll think of something else.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

And there's a smaller part of my brain standing on the sidelines waving things and shouting, "Slow down! Slow down! SLOW DOWN!!!"

But it's not working. They keep popping up all over the place and then replacing themselves before I can write enough of something down to actually create a blog post.

Many of them are quite lovely, too.

I hope to be able to harness them soon.

In other news . . . I've met the grandson. He and his mother were here in SLC visiting their family this week, and the lovely and tenacious Sister W. made certain to introduce us. Did I mention that she lives directly across the hall from me? It's made for an interesting few elevator rides over the past couple days.

Not only is he very tall, he's also very cute. And, I talked to him on the way home from church today, very nice.

And the whole college-senior-at-eighteen thing is super intimidating to returned missionaries, in case you were wondering. :)

Love always,
Ashley Irene

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Linda said...

I'm glad you got to meet Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, and if he's even an eighth as great as he sounds, then it's good he's in California--for now.

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