29 June 2012

Thursday Music

I'm not going to talk about anything serious today. I'm not. Because if I did, I'd end up using a long string of bad words directed toward the government, and I just don't have it in me today.

* Sigh *

Bob Dylan - 'Lay Lady Lay'

Bob Marley and the Wailers - 'It's Alright'

I can't tell you how much I love Bob Marley. Unfortunately, Reggae absolutely destroys my ability to concentrate on anything other than the music. It's the only stuff I can't multi-task to.

And, you know, I think that's kind of the point.

Airborne Toxic Event - 'All I Ever Wanted'

I've recently developed a very strong affinity for this song.

I can tell you that you're
All I've ever wanted, dear
Through the din of your breathing
While you're sleeping here
You wake and you ask me
If I'm gonna be here 
Forever, forever, forever

Your face so twisted
And your eyes alight
I wanna tell you I can change you
When you cry at night

But I'd be lying

Sometimes . . . sometimes all you've ever wanted isn't something that's any good for you to have. And that's when you've got to be strong and walk away.

The Limousines - 'Very Busy People'

ADULT CONTENT ALERT! Ahem. So, I hope you read this before you turn it on in front of young children or those sensitive to . . . well . . . those sensitive. The worst of it is over by 1:06, though, if you want to skip through.

Tegan and Sara - 'My Number'

This is one of those songs that makes my mother look at me sideways and ask, "Where do you find your music?"

Love always,
Ashley Irene

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