04 May 2012


I have had an immensely interesting week.

Princess came to stay with me from Sunday night to Tuesday morning. She turned twelve last month, so it was kind of like a birthday present (I'm pretty boring, so I don't know why she wanted to come stay with me. Whatever.).

We went to see the new City Creek mall. It's really boring. After all the hoopla about it I was hoping against hope that it would be worth seeing, but nope. No dice.

Their food court sells really good pizza, however.

We also went and got gelato and visited the Salt Lake City library's Zine collection. And I made falafel. Which is pretty awesome, if you've never tried it. All on Monday. We were busy little buzzy bees.

Yesterday I went hiking up in the hills north of The Avenues. [Wikipedia is apparently my best friend today. I'm linking everything.] That was pretty exciting. The weather was nice, if kind of windy. That water-falling-from-the-sky thing didn't come until late afternoon, so I was safe from that too. In fact, yesterday morning was really really sunshiny and before I left I had to coat myself in sunscreen. Like, all of me. Because on Trek a couple years ago I got sunburned through my clothes (I wouldn't believe it either, if it hadn't happened to me. Damn those breathable cotton blouses. They're lovely and light and airy and not solid enough to keep the sun out.)

If anybody out there knows anyone in the Salt Lake valley looking to hire an exceptionally bright and highly educated but unfortunately experienceless eighteen-year-old, I'm looking for a job. And I'll do anything, provided it's legal.

Just thought I'd put that out there.

Bye now,

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