20 April 2012

Lost in Translation

Did you know that April is national grilled cheese month? I wish I had known that sooner. I suppose it's good I didn't, for the sake of my health, but whatever. Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of my most favorite things ever.

Almost as awesome as sleeping on clean sheets. But I've really only experienced three or four things that out-awesome clean sheets, and grilled cheese isn't one of them.

And when I started writing this I had something very specific to say. I've since forgotten what that was. Oops. So, I'm gonna go home and make myself a grilled cheese sandwich now. Maybe whatever it was I was going to say will come to me later.

These songs are really snazzy. I don't know why this band has been on my radar lately, because they're not even all that good, but they won't leave. S'okay. Maybe I'll slum it for awhile yet. (It's the scratchy-yelling thing, I know it is, even thought it's less obvious in these songs. Drat.)

AWOLNATION - 'Guilty Filthy Soul'


Love always,

P.S. - Finals suck. Everyone already know that, but I thought I'd stay it again.

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