25 April 2012

Journalism Is Funny Sometimes

My journalism professor showed us this clip before he handed out the final quiz today.

Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I don't think slow jam is a campaign method most presidents have used.

Between wondering what the hell happened to politics in this country and wondering who could possibly have thought it up, we decided that Ronald Reagan could have pulled it off better, considering that he was an actor and kind of a cowboy. One kid did a Nixon slow jam. It was a jovial time.

Our president is certainly cool. Too bad "cool" doesn't mean "right".

Love always,


Shaylee Ann said...

Ugh. What the heck? With everything this world is dealing with, the President of the United States has time to "slow jam the news" with these morons? Way to keep the sheep sleeping. . . .

Ashley Schaffer said...

That is exactly what I thought! "Why does he have time for this?!" Grr.

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