23 March 2012

Some Thoughts and Some Music (Even Though It's Friday)

I was struck by a plume of illumination on my way home from school yesterday. I remember telling myself, "Ashley, that is brilliant. Fabulous, actually. You should write that down as soon as you get home and think more on it." Unfortunitely by the time I got home ten minutes later I'd forgotten what it was that was so brilliant and only remembered thinking it was awesome. And I still can't remember what it was.

I mean, really, what if that had happened to Newton . . . or Einstein? What if my thought was on an equal caliber with that (since I don't know what it was, I'm allowed to tell myself that it was pure genius) and now it's just--poof--gone?

I'm sorry, world.

The weather here lately has been mostly overcast but just warm enough to be fabulous and not cold. I'm very simplistic about my weather preferences. If I can rationally sleep with the windows open, it's good weather and I am happy. If I can't, then it's bad weather and I am sad.

Dad, have you seen this?

Wow, huh? Wow.

On to music.

Pandora is usually my friend, but not so much today. Because this was the first song it decided I wanted to hear today:

Gun N' Roses - 'Don't Cry'

Which is a very nice song and all, but really . . . not today. Today is not a Guns N' Roses day.

So I left Pandora alone and reverted back to searching for songs by name on YouTube. Because when you choose what to listen to, you can choose to avoid sad things.

Regina Spektor - 'Laughing With'

Thirty Seconds to Mars - 'Hurricane'

Part of me listens to these guys because so many of the NWO people are all, like, "They're in the Illuminati!" That makes me laugh.

Thirty Seconds to Mars - 'Vox Populi'

All I gotta say is if the Illuminati has half the props some people give it, has done half of what they say it has . . . hell, I might just want in. (Get it? Oh, I'm funny. I know.)

But you know, if the modern Illuminati is real--they wouldn't be that freakin' obvious, people. They're called secret societies because they're secret. So stop being so worried about what you can see, and start being worried about what you can't.

Needless to say, 30 Seconds to Mars is kind of really playing it up, because it's good for sales.

Gotye - 'Somebody That I Used to Know


Now that I listen to the words again, this is actually quite sad too. But it's so, so catchy. That bouncy little beat makes me very happy, and I'm kind of dancing in my chair here. I don't dance in chairs when I'm sad.

The end.

Love always,

P.S. - Oh my very goodness, have you seen this? They're all using the same guitar. How do people think of these things? It looks kind of squishy. Very cozy.

Walk off the Earth - 'Somebody That I Used to Know' (cover)

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