01 March 2012

I Shouldn't Have Done This . . .

. . . and you shouldn't do it either.


This is the website to the Salt Lake Tribune's Political Cornflakes blog, where they amalgamate and distribute--you guessed it--political news. They have this thing where you can sign up to get an email every morning filled with lovely, lovely things.

Of course I did. Can you see me passing that up? Not likely.

It's fabulous, of course. I'm super-informed. 'Tis awesome.

Information makes me jumpy, and even less able to focus than usual. Having more things to think about makes me think more, and before I can stop it my brain is careening wildly all over the place.

It seems I can either be informed, or I can be good at this doing-my-homework thing. I cannot swing both.

Somehow I am surviving without my grades falling. It's some kind of miracle, I think. Maybe. Something like that.

Blast. Another thing to think about. Getting through Midterms is going to require divine intervention.

Love always,

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