08 February 2012

You Want Disjointed? I'll Get You There

I'm on an extremely bizarre schedule lately, that involves setting my alarm clock for 2 AM. Who does that kind of thing? I do, apparently. I actually kind of like it, too. Except that it's killing my night life. Who am I kidding, I don't have a night life. So I go to bed really early and get up at 2 AM. Whatever.

Except the past couple days I haven't been going to bed especially early. I don't have time to eat real meals or make my bed or do my laundry (which desperately, desperately needs to be done ASAP), so I certainly don't have time to sleep properly. But somehow I am at my most productive when short on sleep, so it's working out. Somewhat. Things should be easing up slightly after today.

I swear, this is why I'm getting through college this young. At the rate I'm driving my body and my brain, I'm not going to be capable of doing this in five/seven/ten years. (So, I think, that should be the perfect time to settle down with a stable career and have a whole bunch of babies, no? Hm.)

Somebody totally thought I was twenty-eight the other day. That was interesting, and I don't quite know what to say about it. Twenty-one to twenty-five I'm used to, but I've never gotten twenty-eight before.

So I was at this job fair yesterday. It was really crowded, so I didn't stay long because I don't like really crowded places. But two things were notable. I spent ten minutes talking politics with an investment broker, because, ha, apparently I'm an adult now and as a junior in political science my opinions are actually, like, cool. Weird. And the Army Reserve recruiters gave me a very awesome lanyard. In fact--if I were a person who based my life choices on the lanyards I was given, I would totally be enlisting right this very minute. I'm not that type of person, so I don't have enough reason to justify that at the moment, but seriously: Coolest. Lanyard. Ever.

In between my early (and I mean early) morning homework-doing and the presentation I had in my 8 AM class, I did a little private happy dance about Prop 8 being deemed unconstitutional. That was cool. Hurray 9th Circuit Court! (I doubt I'll remain pleased with them for long, but today they're alright in my book.)

And I should totally be writing a paper right now for my journalism class:
"Write a brief paper on a person whom you would like to interview, and why, as well as a description of the strategy you would use in the interview; particularly how you would get them to talk about what you want them to talk about."
It's due at noon, and I have a class in forty minutes that will last until then. So I should probably go and do that now.


Love always,

Oh, P.S. --> This article is interesting.

Update @ 10:21 AM: I wonder how brief is too brief. I hate it when professors don't give me a page/word guide. I've said everything I feel inclined to say, and it only took up 253 words. Maybe I'll get bonus points for brevity.

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