07 December 2011

Things I Have Learned in the Past Five Days

...More specifically, in the past forty-eight hours or so.

1) Try as I might, I cannot manage to gnaw a hole through my bottom lip. Barely.

When I was little, I would chew on things when I was stressed. Pencils, mostly. I would also grind my teeth. Thankfully, I broke both those habits years ago. But last night I came to the realization that the reason my lip was sore and slightly swollen was because I'd been chewing on it for 12+ hours (give or take).  Ow.

2) It is indeed possible to read three obscurely philosophic articles and crank out seven double-spaced pages of meaningful text about them in two hours. *Sigh*. If only creating original thoughts were that easy; I could have finished my term paper weeks ago.

3) When you ingest caffeine in the middle of the night and then go to bed at 3:30 only to have to get up again at 6:00, you will be beyond jittery in the morning. Maybe it's just me. I'm better now, I think. *Twitch*

4) The correlation between insomnia and several philosophies I seriously considered a year ago has been solidified in my mind. Nihilism makes perfect sense to me when I'm sleep-deprived. Ug. I need a nap.

5) I get snarky, even to myself, when I'm fed up with something. To write my term paper for my political parties class I read about six hundred (slight approximation, but whatever) long scholarly articles on the subject. In the beginning my notes summarizing each article were constructive: "Emergence of Evangelical Christians shifting toward the GOP; Lincoln quote on p. 346." By the last few articles... "Nifty quotes, but no real point," and "I don't know what the hell this one says."

Thankfully, the rushed portion of finals is over. Half of one tomorrow, two and a small paper next week. I can handle that. I can totally handle that. Provided I get some sleep.

The End.

Love always,

P.S. - Here is a song. Happy day. Joy-inducing background riff. If you turn the volume up a little on your earphones, your skull will vibrate. Cool.

Muse - 'Supermassive Black Hole'

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