08 October 2011

About Me

Who am I?

I am Ashley.

I could say that I'm a junior at the University of Utah, double-majoring in political science and mass communication, with a minor in campaign management. But that isn't who I am; it's only what I do.

How much of who I am can be separated from what I do? Because it would appear, at least to a point, that the things I do define me. But that sounds incomplete.

I am a daughter.

I am a sister.

I am a friend.

I am a musician.

I am a thinker.

Someone who dances in the rain,
and obsesses over the gas prices at the place down the street even though I don't have a car,
who reads Ayn Rand for the way the words flow,
who sings along with the radio even (especially) when I don't know the words,
who can't help but do an awkward happy-dance in the mail-room when there's something there for me,
who reads Shakespeare to giggle at the naughty bits,
who has a blog even though I can easily list ten reasons not to have one,
who has to consciously put effort into translating thoughts into words,
who has an irrational fear of water,
who reads really nerdy webcomics even though I don't understand the math,
and bakes cookies at midnight (but only sometimes).

Someone who loves the little things in life:
the feel of cotton
the sound of laughter
the smell of newborn babies
the taste of sour lemons
the sight of smiling eyes
because without these... it is so easy to forget:

That I am a child of heavenly parents.
There are people here who love me.
And I have a work to do in this world.


Someday I will be many things:
a teacher of my children
a political strategist
a protector
a provider
a mother
a lover
a wife
and a bunch of others.

I look forward to all of them.
I prepare as best I can for all of them.
Some will be easy.
Most will take more work than I can even imagine.

That is someday.
But someday will be here before I know it,
          and someday depends upon today.

Love always,

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