31 October 2011

2 Posts in 6 Hours

I've never posted twice in one day before...

There's something wrong with it somehow.

But Tall One wrote and posted something on Google Buzz today that I thought deserved a repeat. Good job, brother. Nicely put.

It's Halloween, and I would like to thank all the little people for making this great holiday, of eating candy and getting sugar highs, possible.
Halloween is that time of year when all the little children go out and get hundreds of individually wrapped candies for you to munch on later that night and for breakfast the next morning, either with or without parental consent.
It is a time of year where we say goodbye to October and see that November is here and that we somehow missed February, March, April, May, June, July and so on…
But here we are and the holiday season is almost upon us. When we change from the scary side of life to the happy Christmas carol singing side of life. Some even believe that Christmas carols should be song all year round. But I believe that the moment that Halloween is over and done with, we can begin to sing Christmas carols again! Thank heaven for Halloween; for it is the only thing keeping us back from singing Christmas carols all year round!
Thank you Halloween, for you are the way we get all the tricks out and save the treats for the coming holiday season. You are a spotlight in a child’s life. A way to keep us content until Thanksgiving comes around. YUM!
So keep on doing what your doing Halloween! You save us from making Columbus Day the highlight of our October. You give us an excuse to gorge down all the candy we can find. You save us from buying Christmas decorations in October (wait never mind). You bring us the Great Pumpkin! And we get to dress up like crazy people!
So remember this October 31, 2011, all the things Halloween does for you and your friends!
-- Austin Schaffer

Love always,

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