02 September 2011

Life Lately...

...has been very interesting.

 (I have a class down the hall from this sign. Hehe.)

College is cool. It's the only place on Earth where a Randian and a Marxist can have a political conversation without offending each other.

I was in one of those the other day... only somehow we ended up talking about laundry. And about how Locke's social contract related to laundry. And about how laundry connects to Mill's writings on political economy. And about Rousseau's virtuous citizen in relation to laundry.

See? College is cool. Spread the word.

The first college football game of the season was last night.

I don't much care for football, but the marching band was totally spectacular. It takes a serious athlete to be able to dance while wearing a tuba.

They need to make a wearable piano. I wanna be in a marchin' band when I grow up, momma!

And the drunk people... we have to talk about the drunk people.

Dad and I were waiting outside the stadium for my uncle and some other family members. This guy staggers up to us--and I do mean staggered. His friends were holding him up. He was soused. And this was at five-thirty in the afternoon.

Anyway, he staggers up to us and points at my dad and says, "That is a kick-ass beard, man!"

And Dad's like, "Thanks...?"

Then the drunk guy gestures toward me, and he says, "If you grew a kick-ass beard like that, I'd be all over it."

Yeah. I'll get right on that beard-growing right away, buddy.

His friends managed to drag him away from us after that, but... oh, gracious. So funny.

In other news...

I might be developing an addiction to Nineties grunge rock. That's okay.

Love always,

P.S. --Forget politics. I'm going to go work for MUFON.

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