29 August 2011

Random Musings of the Moment

'Philosophy' means 'love of wisdom' (because 'sophy' is 'wisdom' and 'philo' is 'love'...)

So... phyllo pastry is kind of Greek. Right? Maybe? Does that share a root meaning somewhere with 'philo' (Wikipedia tells me that 'phyllo' means 'leaf', but that's boring)? I wouldn't exactly consider phyllo the pastry of love, but those Greeks can be strange sometimes. :)


Why do we no longer have professors who get up in front of a giant lecture hall and lecture without a microphone? What happened to the general ability to project the voice? It used to be common (perhaps because it was necessary, but still...). People are wimpy nowadays.


Locke said that in the state of nature all men have executive power. But do they really? Without a system of something, what do they have executive power over? Themselves? Sure. Their families? Maybe. The little square of ground they call their property? Only if they can keep other people off it.

Don't get me wrong, I love Locke. He's cool. Cooler than Hobbes, who was really just kind of depressing. But sometimes I wish Johnny-boy would give us a few parentheticals of definition to work off of. Translating between the seventeenth and twenty-first centuries gets kind of tough sometimes.

("What does it mean?" Hehe.)


How about that thunderstorm last night? Wow. I was trying to sleep. Emphasis on 'trying', I think the storm cell must have been right over the top of my building. Flash--Crash--BOOOM! For, like, half the night. Blah.


Love always,

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