24 August 2011

Music Wednesday!

Life is cool. Very busy, but cool.



Simon and Garfunkel -- 'The Sound of Silence'


Depeche Mode -- 'Personal Jesus'  


This song... hmm. How can you not love that guitar riff? Musically, the song doesn't have much going for it. But snaz? It definitely has snaz. (Speaking of snaz... should it have two 'z's? Like, 'snazz'. Or is one alright? Is it even really a word? Hmm.)


Majandra Delfino -- 'Oil and Water' 

WARNING: This song is basically just very depressing. I don't know what's wrong with me, but it almost seems that the happier I am the more depressing the music I listen to gets.


 Nirvana -- 'Lake of Fire'

This song was on the radio at seven this morning, and it's been stuck in my head since then. :)


Paula Abdul -- 'Straight Up'

I have some sort of bizarre fascination with this song. It's just too awesome for words. And so very, very, catchy.


Love always,

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